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CHECKLIST of tasks when developing or transferring land whether you suspect the land is contaminated or not:

  1. Talk without any obligation and in confidence to a professional consultant about your site before you order any data, maps, off the shelf reports, or talk with the regulators. Please be aware there is a strict protocol set out in the guidance on how to proceed with the assessment of contaminated land and subsequently the presentation of information to the regulators.

  2. For a development project, the wording of the condition within a planning permission can be important so do study this information. 

  3. Subsequently if needed, commission a desktop study that not only includes lists of data and maps but most importantly includes a detailed examination of that data by a person who fully understands the risk assessment process and can deliver a balanced opinion tailored specifically to your sites needs.

  4. If you have been asked by a purchaser, lender or local authority to undertake an assessment which in the first instance requires soil or water samples being taken from a site (i.e. a Phase 1 risk assessment), talk with us first and we will advise on the most appropriate and economical way forward.

For further information on contaminated land or soil surveys please visit Soil Environment Services  at or contact us on 01661 844 827.